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Work Emotions of Monday Work Fear Syndrome

Speaking of work Emotions, Monday is probably the day with the most obvious mood changes!

I also write this article with sadness and anger, and the sound of typing on the keyboard is much louder than usual. I’m probably not the only one with work emotion.

There was once a vacation I didn’t cherish, I didn’t sleep well, I didn’t eat well, I didn’t have fun, and there were a dozen other vacation plans I hadn’t even begun to implement.

work emotion

I was thinking about it day and night. Emptiness, fear and anxiety overwhelmed me and it was hard to sleep for a long time…

Hey, I have to go to work again tomorrow.

Rejoice on Saturday, sigh on Sunday.

You read it right, it’s not that the house collapsed or the fund dropped again, it’s that it’s time to go to work. Who in Nantou is not in a work emotion?

The daily life of contemporary workers is spent in looking forward to the end of the day, looking forward to the day off, looking forward to vacation.

From Monday to Sunday, the happiest day of the week for a laborer is Friday, because tomorrow is a day off! The most painful part of the week is the weekend, because tomorrow you have to go to work again.

work emotion

Every weekend night, there are always countless workers can not sleep at night, with dark circles under their eyes in the fight against sleepy insects, I can not sleep, help me up I can still stay up!

Every Monday morning, there are still countless hit workers in the psychological construction of themselves.

“No, no, no, no leave, leave one day deduction full attendance 300, deduction personal leave 280, this month has been late 2 times, today again late to be fined 50, for love and peace, for the company’s backstreet Starbucks, I’m going to go to work, get up quickly get up quickly get up!”

Expectation → revelry → emptiness → anxiety is the true portrayal of the mood of the double break.

“Monday phobia”


Fear of going to work on Monday is widespread and is not an emotion unique to the individual.

Monday phobia refers to a psychological state of fatigue and fear of work because of excessive work pressure leading to boredom.

It is also based on excessive relaxation during vacations, inverting the biological clock, and thus presenting mental instability, anxiety and nervousness when facing work.

work emotion

According to a survey conducted by the International Recruitment Platform, working people in the United States and the United Kingdom will also be anxious about the upcoming workday, and 80% of them will start to varying degrees of frustration, loss, fatigue, and insomnia from 3:00 p.m. on weekends.

The main reason for the “Monday Fear” is that the “study + work” mode on weekdays and the “pure entertainment” mode on weekends do not connect well.

Excessive relaxation on the day off completely disrupts the work-life balance of the weekday, and so the work model has to be rebuilt and re-adapted every Monday.

Boring work, endless projects and over-indulgent holidays are all catalysts for “Monday Phobia”.


Monday phobia or school phobia

Monday phobia is also a form of avoidance psychology, which is the psychological burden of some unfinished matters, responsibilities or consequences.

work emotion

It is like the phobia of the beginning of the school year during the study period, in addition to the freedom to sleep late and wake up late for the vacation life to stay in love, but more is the homework is not written, the beginning of the remedial exams of the students on the imminent possibility of being publicly criticized by the teacher’s fear of anxiety.

Therefore, generally good students and the big devil will not be anxious because of the beginning of the school year, because one “no burden”, one does not take the homework and teacher criticism as a “burden”.

People with “Monday phobia” are more likely to work less well, and are usually difficult or troublesome, with trips.


Overcome “Monday phobia”


1. Put your mind at ease and realize the fact that “you have to go to work”.

Some people can from a simple do not want to go to school do not want to go to work, expanding to poetry and songs and philosophy of life and the origin of the universe.

work emotion

“Why do people have to go to school and work, but dogs and cats don’t? Because they are pets does anyone keep them? Why people do not have anything else to raise? Is it higher latitude so humans can’t feel it? Is it the earth? Or is it the atmosphere solar wind or something? And do they have to go to school and work?”

Save your breath, people just have to go to work, there is no reason, today you have to wash up early and go to bed.

2. Don’t keep thinking about going to work tomorrow.

Since the anxiety, do not keep tossing and turning to think about this matter, find something else to divert attention.

You can listen to music, watch a play to divert attention; you can also go out for a walk, play ball, appropriate exercise can relax the mood, but also help to sleep.

3. Write down your worries and concerns.

If you have unresolved things and anxiety do not want to go to work, the brain will frequently remind you of this matter, urging you to complete.

work emotion

This is a kind of Zeigarnik effect. The brain will constantly remind you of things you haven’t done, such as emails you haven’t answered and work you haven’t done, invariably increasing one’s stress and anxiety.

You can write these things down, if you want to sort out and make a plan, the brain thinks you have already dealt with, and will no longer continue to alert remind.

Cure the “Monday phobia”


1. Don’t get too high on your days off and don’t fall behind on your sleep.

90% of the Monday work anxiety people will sigh, “rest days go by too fast, I have not rested well and then have to go to work”, the problem is here.

work emotion

Rest day is a rest with, not to go to the bungee climbing cross-country K song all-night game wheel battle, the end of the workday has been very tired, double break also went out to fight three hundred rounds, which have the spirit to work on Monday.

But rest days can not always rest, day and night are sleeping, eyes open and closed the next day is Monday, the weekend before going to bed can only open their eyes to sigh the emptiness and loneliness of the cold.

Don’t play too high, also don’t always be paralyzed. Double off the best moderate exercise, regular rest and relaxation, can relax and not too tired is the best.

2. A week of work a week, don’t leave “homework”.

Work-related problems to the mood of the rest day to increase the burden of work to bring home will also affect the quality of rest.

Ordinary office workers do not work to the point that every second counts, not even a double holiday, in order to rationalize the time, we must develop the habit of doing work planning, especially with the Monday work anxiety crowd.

If there are things that must be dealt with on Saturday and Sunday, it is better to set a time than to look at the situation at any time or procrastinate to stay up to the deadline.

Uncertainty is often more likely to lead to worry and anxiety.

Work Emotions of Monday Work Fear Syndrome插图7

3. Learn new things and take up more hobbies

There is an old saying, “There is nothing in the world, mediocre people bother themselves”.

As a senior social animal, work is simply a family meal, how can a daily worry to anxiety? Answer: Idle.

When people are bored, they will always think about it, work anxiety is like a bull’s-eye, the more you think about it, the more you worry about it, the more anxious you are.

Work Emotions of Monday Work Fear Syndrome插图8

Properly cultivate some hobbies, learn some new knowledge, time will pass very quickly, surrounded by this positive, fulfilling and satisfying emotions, which have the time to sadness and sadness.

Going to work does not make things happen, the rest day does not make a demon, playing workers can still be part-time job to hit? It doesn’t exist.

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