The truth about what my wife yells at me: 99% of men don’t understand

The truth about what my wife yells at me: 99% of men don’t understand

Arguments and conflicts are common occurrences in a couple’s relationship. However, when a wife yells at her husband, 99% of men do not understand why, and they have no idea how to coax her. Over time, they will feel that the wife is making trouble unreasonably, which greatly affects the relationship between the couple.

So, what caused the wife, who has always been kind, beautiful, generous and gentle, to suddenly have an emotional outburst?

Top 5 reasons why wives yell at their husbands:

Don’t understand her

Many girls choose to be housewives after getting married for the sake of their family. They no longer go to work and devote themselves to housework, taking care of children, and keeping everything at home in order. But many men feel that their wives have done nothing. They are happy at home every day, so how can men work so hard? She buys this and that every day and does not work. She just reaches out for money. What is there to complain about?

my wife yells at me

This reminds me of one of the few fights my parents had when I was little. Yes, they rarely fight because my mom is a very understanding person and she understands everyone. What my mother has said to me the most is: Dad is working hard, and we must be considerate of him. However, that time, my father came home very late from work, and my mother had been busy all day. The time when my father came home was uncertain, and my mother had not had time to prepare dinner when he got home. Dad lost his temper. He didn’t understand what Mom had to do. She didn’t work!

Mom was quickly preparing dinner while Dad kept getting angry. The scene was actually a bit ironic: Mom was busy preparing dinner, and Dad was lying on the sofa and angry at Mom and blamed him for why he couldn’t even cook dinner.

Yes, my mother’s emotions exploded! She had also been busy all day, and she couldn’t accept that her beloved was wearing clothes she had washed by herself, stepping on the floor she had just mopped, lying in a clean and tidy home she had tidied up all day, and accusing her of doing nothing. Dry! Her lover’s incomprehension brought her emotions to the peak!

So why is my wife yelling at me? Because at that moment, her grievance and resentment reached their peak.

Expectations not met

my wife yells at me

In many cases, girls don’t have emotional outbursts. The husband may only see one-tenth of his wife’s unhappiness. A wife yelling at her husband may be because her expectations are not being met or she is dissatisfied with something. Couples need to communicate openly and honestly to discuss each other’s expectations and needs. Establishing clear divisions of housework, family responsibilities and goals, and ensuring that both parties’ opinions are respected and treated equally can help reduce the occurrence of conflict and dissatisfaction.

Stress and Emotion Management

Stress and emotional distress in life can cause people to lose their temper more easily. A wife yelling at her husband may be her way of coping with negative emotions. Therefore, understanding your wife’s sources of stress and helping her find effective emotion management strategies, such as exercise, meditation, or chatting with friends, can reduce the occurrence of arguments and conflicts.

Can’t feel you love her

How long has it been since you hugged her? How long has it been since you kissed her? How long has it been since you told her I love you? Do you still remember each other’s nicknames when you were in love? Your wife needs to be taken care of. If you always make her feel that you love her, instead of treating her as a relative and taking her love for granted.

my wife yells at me

Not prioritizing her

One study shows that women are trained in this social environment to be considerate of the needs of others and to constantly give according to the needs of others. But boys have not received such training, so they care more about right and wrong, because right and wrong determine the allocation of resources. This is the social attribute of girls, so in family relationships, they also hope to be treated with priority rather than paying subconsciously.

Hormonal effects

Why is my wife yelling at me? It’s probably because she’s on her period. During this period, she will most likely get angry at anything you do. Instead of getting defensive, be patient with her. Don’t just talk about drinking more hot water, take the initiative to do some housework, and help her prepare and warm the baby. It will be better.

My wife yells at me, what should I do?


When a woman is angry with you, try not to get defensive. One of the reasons marriage problems persist is because men are unwilling to apologize for their behavior and instead become defensive. When something goes wrong and your wife gets angry, apologize for your mistake and promise to do better.

Try to calm her down

If your wife is always yelling, it might be because you don’t know how to calm her down. Men who don’t know how to calm down their wives end up receiving more pushback. Don’t say hurtful things to her when she’s angry. Talking sweetly to her can calm her nerves and calm her down.

my wife yells at me

Listen to her complaints

Behind every woman’s anger there is always an unresolved issue. All you need to do is pay attention to her complaints and make sure she doesn’t get angry again. If she complains about a problem, assure her you’ll change.

Correct your mistakes consciously

If you make a mistake, you must change it, otherwise a small problem will be magnified infinitely. My wife yelled just because she didn’t want to see it happen again.

Give your wife a warm hug

If you’ve ever asked this question: She’s angry with me, what should I do? One method that works well is to give your wife a warm hug. Without saying anything, pull her in, give her a warm hug, and give her a kiss on the cheek.

How do couples manage relationships?

Cooperate in the details of life to increase intimacy

Couples can work together to complete some details of life, which can invisibly increase their intimacy. For example, couples going to bed at the same time can make each other feel that their life rhythms are closely coordinated. If you are really busy with something, you can get up and do things after the other person falls asleep. The body language between husband and wife contains a lot of energy, and a hug can make each other feel each other’s love. Go home from get off work every day, turn off the TV, put down the mobile phone, hug each other, and chat about what happened during the day. This kind of intimacy can best enhance the relationship between husband and wife.

Husband and wife love

Praise each other often

Many couples have a common characteristic. They feel that since they are married, they are an old couple and there is no need to praise each other anymore. They think this is “hypocritical”. In fact, everyone hopes to gain the other person’s desire and approval, and hopes to be attractive in the other person’s eyes, so you might as well praise the other person a lot, maybe there will be unexpected surprises.

Experience new things together

Husband and wife have been together for a long time, and they always live in the same environment. Going to and from get off work every day will make life very boring, and it is easy for two people to get bored. Smart couples will pay attention to preservation and agree to do things they have never done together, such as traveling to places they have never been to, seeing people and things outside, temporarily changing the scene and mood, and learning a small skill together. , so that the two people will have a lot more common experiences, have a lot to talk about, and the distance between the two people will become closer and closer.

Husband and wife love

Don’t be cold wary or indifferent

Reject indifference, cold war, and indifference are the enemies of marriage. The reason why many women are disappointed and choose divorce is not because they often quarrel with men. On the contrary, she felt aggrieved in her heart, and when she cried to the man, he was indifferent. Many times, it is obvious that he has noticed that you are unhappy, but he is not even willing to ask. Such a cold marriage will only make a woman feel more and more chilled and eventually choose to let go.


Husbands and wives will work hard for each other, but if they don’t know how to be grateful, they will take each other’s efforts for granted and never cherish them. This can easily lead to tension in the relationship between husband and wife. If husband and wife often practice “knowing how to be grateful”, see each other’s contributions in their eyes, and then remember them in their hearts, then both of you will be full of gratitude to each other.

I hope everyone can live a content-free and happy life!

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