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Emotional damage meme: What’s it about?

Do you know about emotional damage?

You might know better if I show you this.

Yes, this used to be all the rage on YouTube. The video is set in the context of the game, and the main storyline is that since Asians have conquered so many games, the game has raised the difficulty and even designed an Asian mode just for Asians.

In this game mode, gamers may fail the game by stepping on a branch, fail the game by being attacked by leaves, or fail the game by touching a tree. In short, you will fail for all sorts of strange reasons. Even NPCs can taunt the player, and the player can “die” due to emotional damage.

emotional damage

In this video, the channel master’s wonderful interpretation of the gods, but also gained the netizens a kind of praise, and even some netizens suggested that this game can be on the line! Nowadays, the technology is getting more and more developed, the game development is getting more and more anthropomorphized, and the interactivity of the game NPC is getting higher and higher.


In fact, the channel master in the video mentioned the emotional damage from the NPC in many games have embodied.

Game emotional damage

Plants vs. Zombies

Plants vs. Zombies

Plants vs. Zombies is a puzzle and strategy game developed by PopCap Games and released in May 2009. The player stops the zombies from attacking by arranging plants around the house.

In the game, the levels are subdivided into several different types, Day, Night, Mist, and Pool. The latter three increase the difficulty of the game and require the player to use his brain and change his strategy to stop the zombie invasion. In the production of zombies, also set up a variety of zombies with their own characteristics. Players also need to fully consider the characteristics of zombies when arranging plants, the choice of plants.

In this game, in addition to the game NPC Crazy Dave and the player’s dialog, recently netizens have discovered a new point of play. Anyone who has played this game knows that the sunflower must be the first to be planted, because it can continue to produce gold coins, with gold coins to buy other plants.

emotional damage
As the difficulty of the game increases, the speed of the sunflower’s gold production is no longer enough to support the player to buy new plants, so the player began to take a shovel on the sunflower, threatening the sunflower, giving the sunflower emotional damage. The key is that the emotional damage meme seems to have worked, and the speed of the sunflower’s gold production does seem to be faster! You might want to give it a try.

I think the sunflower’s heart monologue must be: emotional damage.

Emotional damage meme

Games Changing by Asian Players



Besiege this game is a medieval theme sandbox construction game, in the game just online, the developers set up a number of levels, hoping that players can make different stone throwing vehicles for the level features to break through, but they never expected a good medieval game has been played by the Asian players into a science fiction game.

After the brain hole into the technology, this game has been completely played, from the most basic tanks as a functional chariot to the powerful space fortress can walk the battle line, to the robot cat that can use the bamboo dragonfly, and even up to the Gundam and Transformers average perfect molding. Is really can be transformed Transformers!

emotional damage meme

The most shocking is that there are also players to produce a production line can be completely automated mass production of Iron Man, all the procedures without manual operation, there are auxiliary robotic arms to install the combat arms. Do let a person shocked, it even turned into an air combat game, the player can fly a spaceship to fight. It was originally a medieval game. Game organized by emotional damage meme


Coaster Park Tycoon

In Coaster Park Tycoon, players can build their own dream parks with startup capital, but the fancy roller coasters are expensive and often take a long time to save up. At the same time, the park’s visitors are stingy and complain about being charged more for admission.

Coaster Park Tycoon
Therefore, in order to get rich quickly, a new business concept was born, the player first built a lot of beverage stores, from juice to Coke to meet a variety of needs, the most critical all only sell 1 yuan, this came to tourists flocked to 3 cups of 5 cups of mouth. But the key came to all the toilets in the park from the free pass up to 20 yuan, with this wave of operation, the amusement of emotional Damage directly pull full, amusement park instant wealth.

In short

whether it is a game or work, we need to adjust our emotions to see, some things do not have to be too serious, a little optimistic, “emotional damage” can also be a kind of entertainment.

Ps: 1. Emotional damage does not refer to the original meaning.
      2. If the quoted video and pictures are infringing, please contact us for deletion.


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