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Psychology: My wife yells at me has stages

Psychology: My wife yells at me has stages

During the long time the two get together, they will experience too many things together, and their identities are constantly changing. After getting married, the two will spend a sweet wedding period, and then become new parents, which may be a little confusing. But before long, people in middle age will experience more pressure and make people breathless. Soon our children grew up and had their own families, and our hair gradually turned gray. The two of us spent more time sitting together drinking coffee than we did in the first half of our lives combined. We could stay together for a long, long time.

In these four stages, each stage will have different contradictions, and my wife yells at me also has obvious stages. Next, let’s make a comprehensive analysis. At different stages, what are the reasons why my wife yells at me and how to solve it?

My wife yells at me: wedding period

Role change

Newlyweds need to quickly adapt to the change in roles from single to married. They need to learn to rely on each other, cooperate and make decisions together, and often cannot work alone, which may take time and adjustment for some.

Family responsibilities

Newlyweds need to coordinate family responsibilities and task distribution. This may involve matters such as daily housework, financial management, family planning and child rearing, especially in terms of housework distribution. The lifestyles of boys and girls are too different, especially when my wife yells at me.

my wife yells at me

For housework allocation, solutions:

  • Do chores you enjoy. I once saw a couple divide housework by doing the housework that they are more interested in, and the two of them cleaned together, which actually increased the joy of life.
  • Machines replace labor. Nowadays, technology is so advanced that there are sweeping robots for sweeping the floor, dishwashers for washing dishes, automatic washing machines for washing clothes, and take-out and fast food for meals. As long as funds are sufficient, the two of them have very little chores.
  • Be considerate of each other and share responsibility. No matter which solution is adopted, the most fundamental thing is for couples to realize the changes in their identities and share family responsibilities.

Money problems

Financial management is an important issue faced by newlyweds. If it is not handled well, my wife yells at me. Newly married couples basically don’t know how to make a budget. Since they haven’t adapted to family life yet, they still spend as they please, which can easily lead to a deficit. And because different money concepts and habits may cause my wife to yells at me.

family portrait

Family and social relationships

Newlyweds need to deal with changes in their family and social relationships. They may face balance and integration issues with parents, siblings, friends, and between two families. Different values and expectations can lead to friction and conflict.

The most important thing in this situation is that the husband and wife are of the same mind. When the other party cannot handle the family relationship well, or faces problems in the relationship between mother-in-law and daughter-in-law, they cannot just sit back and watch. They should stand up to help maintain and actively adjust.


My wife yells at me: new parents

Parenting stress:

For inexperienced parents, caring for a newborn can be stressful and anxiety-provoking. Some common parenting issues, such as feeding, soothing, sleeping, etc., can leave parents confused and at a loss. In this situation, it is important to seek professional parenting advice and support.

Especially new mothers will suffer from severe sleep deprivation because their newborns require frequent feeding, diaper changes, and care. Long-term sleep deprivation affects the mood and health of both parties, and my wife yells at me. Develop a reasonable day and night schedule, and try to seek help and support from family and friends.

Adjustments to the relationship between husband and wife:

The arrival of a new baby means significant changes in the relationship between a couple. Parents need to reallocate their time and attention, which can lead to less communication and interaction between the couple. To cope with this challenge, couples should maintain open communication, share childcare responsibilities, and try to find time for spousal interaction and care.

my wife yells at me

My wife yells at me: middle-aged couple

Career and family balance:

In middle age, couples usually take on more responsibilities and pressure in their careers. This is the period when my wife yells at me is most likely to break out. They may face long working hours and frequent overtime, which may cause conflicts with family time. Finding a balance between work and family is an important challenge.

Children growing up away from home:

As their children grow up and leave the family to pursue their own life goals, couples may feel the stress and loneliness of an empty nest. They need to readjust roles and relationships and find new interests and activities to fill the void.

Economic pressure:

Middle-aged couples may face the financial pressures of raising children and caring for aging parents at the same time. Educational expenses, medical expenses and pension issues may have an impact on the financial situation, requiring proper planning and management of financial resources.

my wife yells at me

Health issues:

Middle age is a time when many health problems appear, such as high blood pressure, diabetes, heart disease, etc. Couples may need to confront their own or their partner’s health issues and work together to maintain good health to cope with the challenges of midlife.

Couple relationship adjustment:

Over time, a couple’s relationship may change. They may need to reexamine each other’s expectations, dreams, and goals and find new ways to remain close and supportive.

My wife yells at me: old age

my wife

Personally, I feel that I would be very happy if I could still have my wife yell at me in my old age. I am really lucky to have someone who has been with me for decades, taking care of me and cherishing me. Even when my hair was gray and my face was wrinkled, he was still willing to kiss me every day and hold my hand for a walk. Occasionally, he would have a cold war with me because he couldn’t tolerate my little temper. I would also get angry because he had changed bad habits that he had not changed for decades. However, we are happy.

May all lovers in the world get married eventually.

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