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Work Emotions: What to do if you get nervous

Nervousness is a very common emotion.

It is a common work emotion especially when you are just starting out. People are emotional. And modern society is competitive, fast-paced and efficient, which inevitably brings us a lot of tension and stress. Some people are very good at dealing with tension, while others are overwhelmed by their own tension ……

When you’re nervous, you’re often advised to “take it easy! ” and are often admonished like this, “Take it easy!” “It’s no big deal!” Unfortunately, however, this approach is hardly effective; it will constantly remind you of the presence of the emotion, and in fact, it reinforces the nervousness and will make you feel even more uneasy.

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Psychologists believe that nervousness is also an effective way of reacting, a kind of mental preparation to deal with external stimuli and difficulties. With this preparation, we have the strength to cope with things. Moderate nervousness can increase alertness and help solve problems, so being nervous is not all bad.

Mental tension is beneficial in some ways.

But the fact is just the opposite, excessive mental tension is detrimental to physical and mental health, a person who is chronically psychologically tense, or so tense that it exceeds the ability to adapt, may lead to a variety of diseases. Therefore, we must strive to get rid of stress. Everyone has emotions, accept it and solve it!

So how can we regulate tension? We can try the following practices to cope with tension:

Face it and accept it

You should realize that nervousness is normal and in some cases many people may be more nervous than you. Instead of fighting this uneasiness, try to experience it and accept it. When you are nervous, you can talk to your nervousness and ask why you are so nervous and what the worst outcome you fear might be. In this way, you do a better job of facing and accepting this nervousness and are able to deal with it more openly and calmly.

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Be well prepared

When you apply for a job, you need to consider the questions a recruiter will ask and be prepared to answer them;

-When you are going to attend a meeting, you should summarize your thoughts first in order to cope with the discussion in the meeting;

Going to a date, you need to dress up well and think about how to deal with the possible cold and awkward situation…
In many cases, nervousness is due to the fact that you are not prepared for it. Being adequately prepared will not only help you get rid of your nervousness, but also enable you to do things well.

Relaxation training

Do deep breathing, ensure sufficient sleep, combine work and rest, and give yourself positive suggestions.
Focus your attention ° to beautiful things. For example, looking at flowers, watching the sea, enjoying the moon and so on.
Choose a nice place to exercise. For example, walk, play ball, swim, etc., let the muscles relax.
Perform proven relaxation techniques. For example, Indian Yoga Q in the East, Silent Prayer in the West, Japanese Sitting Zen Technique and Qigong and Taijiquan in China, as well as modern biofeedback training techniques.

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Master the Law of Two or Eight

If you are working hard, you can apply the “Law of Two or Eight”, which divides 80% of minor and 20% of major things, and prioritizes 20% of the work that plays a key role, because in most things, the most important and decisive actually only accounts for a small part of it. When the pressure is reduced, 80% of the work is gradually solved.
If the proposed plan does not correspond to reality, it will cause tension due to frustration. Psychologists suggest that when booking the work schedule, you can arrange a small period of “vacuum time”, that is, a complete “vacuum” without prearranging anything, adjusting the rhythm of life, there is work and leisure.

Writing a “record of success”

The difference between a “success” and a “setback” is not just about the big things, but also about accomplishing one or more things that are a testament to your abilities. “Success doesn’t have to be a big accomplishment. Success can be as simple as not being late for work, getting compliments on a date, coming up with a new idea for a meeting, creating a complete travel itinerary, discovering a popular restaurant, etc. It may seem like a small thing, but persistence over time can be a great sign.

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Thinking all the time about how much you haven’t done can lead to frustration. And even feelings of inefficiency and uselessness. Find at least one thing you’ve done successfully every day, write it down in your notebook, and you’ll feel much more confident.

Finally, the good news is that when you are suddenly tense, it’s often a time when you are particularly energized and have the potential to do things better. Put your nervousness to good use, transfer it to study or work, with the successful completion of the task, the inner tension can also be gradually disappeared, can be said to be the best of both worlds.


And being new to the workplace, I don’t know how to get along.

I think that entering the workplace means entering a new learning environment, and the most important thing is to learn and grow, so we can do so:


  • More to do: do spend time in the business, others with 8 hours, you use 10 hours, 12 hours. As soon as possible to familiarize themselves with the workflow, the duties of the departments, business norms. Do not be afraid to do wrong, but do not do it blindly!
  • More questions: not clear do not understand, like colleagues to ask for advice. A matter of more than a few people, in order to get an accurate answer
  • More look: see how others are doing things, who did the best 9, where to do well. Better than their own where, learn him!
  • More exchanges: to actively participate in the activities of the department. So that you can enter the circle.
  • Go to work every day fully dressed
  • Don’t be reasonable, learn to be humble
  • Learn to listen to others, even if it is criticism. Many times criticism is also a kind of help (of course, does not mean that those malicious criticism). The key is to criticize the right must accept and improve. Not the right kind of laugh it off, do not have to be too serious, have to discuss a right or wrong.
  • Learn to help others first, without asking for return.

I also just entered the workplace, a lot of things do not know how to deal with, especially when faced with the emotions of work, every half a month will have an emotional breakdown. But I never want to give up, because giving up won’t solve any problem! Courage to face work emotions, let’s grow together!

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