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True Emotional redemption: control yourself

Emotional redemption of an ordinary person

Learning to control oneself, think of oneself, improve oneself, and love oneself is the true emotional redemption of an ordinary person

There are three things in the world: our own things, other people’s things, and God’s things. We have no power to control God’s affairs, we have no power to control other people’s affairs, and the only thing we can control is our own affairs.

emotional redemption

Learning to control ourselves, to think about ourselves, to improve ourselves, to love ourselves is the true self-redemption of an ordinary person. Because when you become clear-headed, the real life has just begun.

Control yourself, do not be emotionally hostage

Everyone has emotional uncontrollable time, or low, or cranky. But really great people, but can get rid of the shackles of emotions, not to be emotionally hostage, not emotionally tired. To achieve emotional redemption, you must first keep yourself stable.

emotional redemption
It doesn’t matter if you’re angry or paranoid, low or depressed. Emotions that can distract you are not a good thing. A person who cannot get rid of emotional distractions will always be led by others. On the contrary, if you are able to control your emotions, you will be able to keep your mind clear, and you will be able to spend your mind on what is truly worthwhile. And such a person, also tend to be able to have better interpersonal relationships, can go farther.

A person, can control emotions, in order to control life. Even Napoleon once lamented, “The man who can control his emotions is greater than the general who can take a city.” Those who can realize true emotional redemption can surely go a long way.


Think of Yourself, Love Yourself Before You Love Others

Wilde once said, “Love yourself is the beginning of a lifelong romance.” Indeed, keeping yourself sane is not only about putting yourself in the best possible shape to handle disputes. It is also to remind oneself that whether one is loved or not, one must learn to love oneself and to love life.

emotional redemption

There are many women who give up everything for their families because they feel loved. But they forget that the family is not something that can be supported by one person. Families need everyone’s strength, not just their own unlimited contribution.

Of course, men are the same, if both parties cooperate, each person to take their own responsibility, natural life will be beautiful. But if life is already a mess, without any hope, and what can hold out? There is no one who leaves who can not live, rest assured that boldly leave, realize emotional redemption, to meet a brand new life.


Recently, there has been an online crusade against “relationship brain”.

Love Yourself

Netizens do not hate relationships or marriage, but want more people to understand that before you love others, you have to learn to love yourself first. Instead of just putting a heart full of romantic eyes, are given to others. Why don’t you listen carefully to your own demands, why don’t you take a closer look at yourself now?

In fact, you are very good, not only self-reliant, but also kind. When you learn to look at yourself, learn to love yourself, you will find that, whether someone loves you or not, you can be calm and confident. Life, too, will slowly become what you like.


Improve yourself and continue to improve your learning

What is the biggest lie in this world? I guess, it should be stability.

However, many people are like frogs, gradually sinking in warm water, gradually losing their way in stability.

Emotional redemption

But life is so unforgiving.

Two days ago, I read such a story. A netizen said that he had worked for a company for 9 years and thought he could spend the rest of his life peacefully. But without warning, was laid off dry. Although he got compensation, it was still heartbreaking.

A truly sober person, no matter what position they have reached, will not see the momentary stability as the final destination. On the contrary, they will continue to learn and improve themselves. Because they know that the throat of destiny, rather than give it to others, should be given to themselves.

The world is changing every day, but the scary thing is that you know the world is changing, but you don’t know how it is changing.

Indeed, advances in technology, changes in policy, and attacks of risk have the potential to change one’s fate. We, on the other hand, must keep running in order to stop where we are, and must learn to toss and turn in order to make life hot and steamy. So, instead of lying flat, struggle. Learn one more skill, you have one more way out, memorize one more word, you have one more possibility.The real emotional redemption is always in your own hands.

Love yourself, health is the most important

Emotional redemption

In a person’s life, it’s important to struggle, but you can’t ruin your body just because of the struggle. You should always cherish yourself, your body is the biggest capital in your life. When I was young, I thought health was the least important thing, but when I was older, I felt that a thousand gold was not as important as a healthy body.

In the second half of life, the fight is actually health.

A person who has experienced the torment of illness will realize that no matter whether it is fame or fortune, in fact, are all floating clouds. And the biggest mistake in life is to exchange health for something outside the body; the biggest sorrow in life is to exchange life for personal troubles.

Emotional redemption

Therefore, from now on, you must develop good living habits, go to bed early and get up early, eat regularly and keep exercising. In this way, you will not only be able to lengthen the dimension of your life, but also ensure the quality of your life.



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